Yoga For Wine Lovers

Yoga For Wine LoversYoga is a physical and spiritual practice, with its roots in thousands of years of subcontinental Indian history and culture. It encompasses a wide variety of practices, including physical poses, breathwork, and meditation.

This ancient discipline has many benefits, including toning the body and calming the mind. But one of its most famous is to ground practitioners in the moment, and to bring you back into full awareness of the sensorium you live in. We spend so much time hurrying to and from, and concentrating on any moment other than this one. When was the last time you were really present, and felt fully embodied in the here and now? Yoga encourages you to take things slowly, and to appreciate them fully.

In a yoga session, the instructor helps you to concentrate on your body’s place in space and time. The practice brings your attention to your breathing, as you focus on inhalations and exhalations in poses. The deep stretches and the mindfulness work of yoga culminate in a pose called shavasana, or “corpse pose” — a period of deep relaxation that helps you to make the transition from a yoga session, back to your ordinary life. Yet as any yoga practitioner will tell you, you keep that deep awareness with you, beyond the session.

Yoga For Wine Lovers

The mindfulness created during a session makes yoga perfect for fully appreciating the world around you, whether that’s a deep breath filling your lungs, a sunset over the ridge, a work of fine art … or a glass of wine. Is there synergy regarding yoga for wine lovers? Yes. Both newcomers and experienced wine tasters will find that a calm, soothing yoga session in anticipation of a tasting helps them better appreciate the rich and many-layered flavors and the luxurious scents in a glass of fine wine. Slowing down and breathing helps us appreciate the artistry in the glass that was there all along, waiting to be experienced.

It’s our pleasure to offer yoga on our wine tasting tours, to help you better savor the moment. Yoga is open to people of any spirituality or background. You don’t need to be a master yogi to participate, either: this experience is suitable for all experience and ability levels. Our teachers will happily help you modify poses for your body and its comfort.

What’s important isn’t executing the perfect Downward Dog, or getting a great workout. Yoga is non-competitive, and is about the experience rather than the end-goal. So instead, just concentrate on your breath and your body, and let your awareness expand through your poses. The wine you taste afterward will be that much more exceptional for your experience. Namaste!

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