Yoga Benefits Spur Growth of Yoga Retreats

Wine and cheese. Wine and chocolate. Wine and olive oil. Wine is the perfect partner to many things- it enhances flavors and complements tastes.  Recently, a more popular pair is beginning to emerge- wine and yoga. Yoga is a highly lauded form of exercise that promotes total body well-being, and wine has a host of health benefits as well. Resorts, spas, wineries and studios alike are beginning to catch on to this unique trend: wine and yoga retreats.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is actually an ancient form of meditation that unites body, breath and mind. It has become an extremely popular form of mainstream exercise, due to the myriad of psychological and physical benefits. The term yoga originates from Sanskrit, specifically the word “yuj”, meaning “to unify”. It unifies breathing, meditation, and bodily postures to reach the ultimate mental state of relaxation. Yoga focuses on the well-being of the mind, and while there are added physical yoga benefits, those are not the primary goal. Yoga is ideal for any age group as it consists of slow and static movements with minimal risk of muscle injury.

Yoga Benefits and Wine

Wine and yoga are almost a perfect pairing. Why? Because both promote extensive health benefits- which happen to be very similar. There have even been studies done in the Czech Republic whose conclusions were that moderate wine consumption combined with regular exercise can specifically help prevent high levels of cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. The key to this is moderation, as too much alcohol can quickly do more harm than good. Yoga and wine also help with increased metabolism. Yoga increases circulation and digestion, which causes you to burn more energy. Grapes, specifically red grapes, contain acids which stunt the growth of fat cells and prevent new ones from growing.

Other yoga benefits include:

  • Enhanced feelings of well-being from stress, depression, or anxiety.
  • Better sleep.
  • Strength and flexibility.

Wine and Yoga Retreats

Yoga instructors and wine enthusiasts alike have realized the reason these two things work so well together are because both involve exploration of the senses and the notion of being in the present. Many spas- especially those in California based in the Sonoma region- have begun offering retreats that combine spa activities, yoga practices, and wine tastings. The basis of these retreats is to calm the mind and enter a state of relaxation and bliss before continuing on into food and wine pairings, where your senses are extremely heightened due to your mental state.

For most retreats, they offer yoga classes across all levels. Classes are typically offered in the mornings or evenings followed up by gourmet meals usually prepared with a focus on local ingredients. The meals themselves can feature wine for enhanced flavoring, or there are many types of activities in between that focus mainly on the wine. These include vineyard tours, wine and chocolate tastings, olive oil or cheese pairings.  For many, the wine tastings are simply a continuation of their yoga practice- promoting relaxation, peaceful minds, and happiness. A lot of these retreats also feature spas where you can indulge in body wraps or facials to further your relaxation.

Wine and yoga retreats are a unique and luxurious way to combine two activities to create the ultimate pairing between two extremely popular hobbies. The next time you’re looking for a weekend of relaxation- book a trip to treat mind, body, and taste buds!

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