Wine- Yoga- Skydiving

Photo Jun 28, 2 16 53 PM (1)What does all these three passions of mine have in common?

They all connect me to my heart, that deep knowing inside, the divine spark, the light, the essence of my soul. It is profound to be part of this world and of this beautiful cosmos, where we can fly free and use our wings to serve others on the road of awakening. Both wine, yoga and skydiving are tools for me to connect with my inner essence, all in their own unique way.


Wine helps me stay connected to the wonder of the sun, the moon and the unbelievable circle of life: from a seed that grows into a full grapevine that we can ferment and create wine. I always try to understand the dependency we have of mother earth and its complete synchronicity of all the divine life that lives here with us. It’s like a beautiful orchestra soothing all your senses that deeply touch you. When drinking wine, you connect to its essence and its soul, and it speaks directly to your heart.

Skydiving is another way of connecting with my heart. It’s is one of my favorite elements to play in, the sense of weightlessness and beauty up there is sometimes hard to grasp mentally. I can not explain in words what I feel up there. For me it’s like going to a sky temple and speaking to god one on one. It’s the complete trust of live and all its beauty. It’s the unconditional love that radiates all around us. It’s accepting your suffering and being in the moment of just pure joy and love radiating from every cell of your body. The present moment is the only way when skydiving, nothing else matters. Nothing else is on your mind than the air touching your skin and the way your body dances in the sky with beloved like minded souls. When I leave the airplane I trust in something bigger than myself and I know that this is where we all belong, in a loving present state with only awareness of the now.

I started doing yoga to heal something in my heart, to go deeper and to understand myself better. We all have things that we are working on, and that’s the beauty of life. If you don’t accept your own suffering, you can not help others awaken theirs and step into the truth of self love and acceptance. Atmani yoga for me is a true connection with your heart, both the yin and yang, the darkness and the light. Yoga for me is to find the essence in your heart that might have been hidden. It’s to, fall in love with yourself- both with the dark roots and its juice fruits. It’s to honor your inner teacher- your beautiful heart where your soul resides.

In the end it’s all about connecting with your heart. Stay loving to yourself and everyone in your life. Life goes by quickly, so enjoy the ride and stay present. Make it a practice to everyday find something that touches your heart essence and that brings you joy.

Blue skies,


Don’t forget to enjoy a Tuesday evening in Healdsburg for their summer concerts on the Plaza Park. Bring a bottle of wine and a gourmet picnic and be grateful to live in our beautiful wine country!

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