Why Do Yoga Outside?

Group yogaI had the pleasure of joining my dear friend Hermine Iacobaeus for one of the most magical experiences Ive had yet in Sonoma County. Her company, Atmani Tours, offers a journey into nature, connecting with the native land through an outdoor yoga class on the vineyard followed by a sacred ritual wine tasting. Her background in aruveydic studies, shamanic traditions, and hatha yoga create a unique practice of awakening all the senses and deepening ones connection with nature. Her knowledge of the native people who once lived on this land enhanced the experience as we learned about sacred rituals that were practiced under the oak trees we were nestled beneath as we moved through a gentle and sweet yoga class. We connected with the element of wind as the breeze blew through my hair and tickled my skin.

Lets just say I loved it and yoga outside is amazing! Here are a few more reasons outdoor yoga is the best

Clean Air + Deep Breathing = Clean Lungs

Breathing is a very important part of yoga and a major factor in the reduction or stress and relaxation of the nervous system. Most of the time, the air we breathe has some level of toxins, especially if we are in a city or in a space where the air is being recycled. Taking an hour to consciously take deep breaths of fresh clean air in the country side is a total cleansing for the lungs and actually will have lasting effect throughout the day on your lungs, clarity of mind, and overall health of the organs, tissues, and nervous system.

Getting Back to Nature

Our modern society is heavily saturated with technology and stimulation. There are many positive things about the technology movement, however our system is not designed to be in a state of high alert all the time. Taking time to be in nature is proven to have great effects on overall health physically and mentally. We aren’t man made, we are part of nature. It makes sense that being in natural settings helps our system to unwind and feel more at ease. Through Hermine’s guidance during our yoga practice, I felt connected with all the elements around and within me and I found a deep sense of relaxation in my body and mind.

Enhances the Wine Tasting Experience

The combination of yoga and spending time in nature expands ones awareness and generates a greater ability to be present. I feel this is the perfect way to begin a day of wine tasting. When I taste wine I want to be there fully for the experience and enjoy every moment. If I come into tasting wound up from my commute to the vineyard and overstimulated from my day or weeks events, I might miss the first half of the tasting. Although my body is there going through the motions my mind could be elsewhere entirely. By taking time to unwind, ground, and arrive fully mentally I can truly enjoy my experience in its entirety.

Life is an exciting ride! Enjoy!

Alli Koski

Inspiration Coach, Movement, Meditation, & Relaxation Guide


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