Try a boutique Yoga and Wine Tour for your next team building event

IMG_0680There are many reasons why you should consider a yoga and wine tour for your team. Next time you want to increase their connection with your company and find a better balance within themselves you should consider a unique outdoor team building event. If you want happy, vibrant, positive, engaging and smarter employees please continue reading…

The combination of outdoor yoga and wine tasting will leave a big impact in your employees’ hearts.

In today’s busy office world we often forget our connection to the natural elements and the cosmos. How many of us live according to the natural rhythm of the light and dark for the most optimum balance and well-being? Most of us already know that sitting inside a cubical without sunshine and movement is a recipe for  increased disease.

So when you plan an outing with your team, make sure to bring them back to movement and to nature. They can find their natural rhythm with the earth and themselves. Yoga has so many benefits, so why not combine a healthy exercise with a fun team building excursion to Wine Country. Yoga will make your team calmer, more relaxed and even smarter according to many studies. Here is an interesting article from Huffington post.

Atmani refers to the pure state of the soul which is the fundamental concept behind my tours and the yoga I teach. My intension is to help you find the balance “within” so you can easier surf the waves in your everyday life…to find a balance in your career, relationships, nutrition/fitness and spirituality. I will help you connect with your own unique alchemy that will translate to the wine alchemy, enjoyed later in the day.

My clients often tell me that doing yoga before wine tasting really helped them stay present and more open during the day. Not only does yoga help you stay more in tune with your body, but it will also effect your connections to others. A strong team evolves when everyone shows up with their fullest potential shining through in a humble way.

I can promise that my yoga and wine tour will leave you with more love and peace in your heart as well as a deeper connection to nature and your surroundings.

Welcome to Sonoma County,


Upcoming events:

Wines and sunsets at Paradise Ridge Winery. Repeats every week every Wednesday until Wed Oct 28 2015. Cost: $5 Club / $8 General in Advance / $10 at Door if Available.

wONEderFest is a celebration of our Healing Arts Community, our Friends, our Home and our Lives. Each year wONEderFest will focus on a different theme and offer people from all over the Bay Area the opportunity to sample and experience the gifts of our unique Local Healing Arts Community in Sonoma’s West County. September 12th 2015, this year’s theme is YOGA!

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