The importance of curiosity

Sonoma County  shilohI want to share a story with you from last weekend. I found myself attending a memorial service for Stephen Levine, a great spiritual leader whom I had never heard of before.

The memorial service was held at Spirit Rock Meditation Center on Sunday afternoon. I was invited by a friend and had never visited Spirit Rock. I didn’t want to see the agenda of the “talk” since I have heard many stories about this spiritual center, and I wanted to go with a clean slate, without pre conceived expectations.

The journey began the night before when I was sitting in a meditation group with an intention of seeing everyone as a reflection for your own healing and to love everyone with a compassionate heart. The next day, we started our drive. It was surreal, to say the least. The landscape was out of a movie… rolling hills, beautiful turns with every corner opening up to an even more scenic California wonder. Cows grazing, rock formations creating natural art and old trees still holding their wisdom. After a last magic drive through the majestic redwoods and creeks, we pulled up to Spirit Rock.

When we walked into the service Jack Kornfield was speaking, a person whose work I adore and follow to my best capacity. His words spoke about love, compassion, and planting seeds. A short video was played with Stephen’s teachings and his lovable persona shined throughout. In that moment of listening, I no longer heard the specific words, as I was tuning into the universal wisdom, gently being whispered to between the lines. There was a live skype call from Ram Dass, one of my favorite teachers. I sat right in front of the screen and felt like he was speaking directly to me. It was like a dream…a dream I decided to create by staying curious and open and following my intuition of going to Spirit Rock that day.

Magic happens when we least expect it.

Sitting among complete strangers at a memorial service, I felt an remarkable connection with them all. We shared eye contact, smiles and even hugs. I found myself thinking that teachers enter their students lives when they are ready. Though I will never meet Stephen in flesh and blood, I met his spirit that day through all the people whose lives he touched.

The gifts of curiosity are that you meet people or have experiences that will shift your unconscious and conscious mind. Our work here is to stay opened to our intuition and to let our hearts guide us to places and people. Life is full of wisdom if we slow down, stay open and listen to the whispers of your intuition.

Follow your heart,


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  • Beautiful! Thank you for sharing with your magical way with words. xo

    June 1, 2016 at 12:07 am

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