The Advantages of a Private Wine Tour

Private Wine Tour Sonoma County CAA tour of the Napa and Sonoma wine making regions is a unique experience. It provides visitors a remarkable opportunity to drink in — literally and figuratively — the area’s unique beauty, and to learn about the wine making process firsthand. Shouldn’t your tour be as individual and as extraordinary as this region is?

A private wine tour gives you and your guests the chance to take things at your own pace.

A tour group is bound by a strict itinerary, but a private tour is unfettered. You can linger at what interests you, and move on past what doesn’t. You and your guests collaborate with the tour guide to decide where to go, what to do, and how long to stay in each place.

This relaxed pace gives you a novel chance to fully and deeply experience the region’s natural beauty, and to savor the experience. Unconstricted by a rigorous schedule, you can wander the fields and breathe in the fresh air. Without a tour group binding you, you can connect with the vintners about their craft. Over the course of your day-long excursion, you’ll be able to root yourself deeply in the cultures and rhythms of the area, and experience the unique season in which you arrive. You’ll learn more during a private wine tour, and you’ll have the opportunity to discover more of the world’s beauty.

There’s also no crowd. A private wine tour is just you, or you and whomever you choose — a partner, maybe, or a small group of friends. A private wine tour sets you free from the hustle and bustle of a noisy crowd of tourists, and makes it that much easier to open your senses. On a private wine tour, you’ll find it easier to listen to the natural world, from the sounds of the wings of birds in the fields to the delicate curves of the grapevines’ tendrils. You’ll connect with the vintners as people rather than as nameless faces, and on your private wine tour you can take the time to breathe in the heady oak scent of the wine barrels in their cellars. In the relative silence of a private tour, the color of each glass of wine will appear richer. The wine’s taste will seem more nuanced, but in actuality the experience will merely unlock what was there all along.

So don’t settle for the common and humdrum, when the amazing awaits. A private wine tour offers you the chance to turn your trip into the breathtaking Napa and Sonoma valleys into something genuinely extraordinary.

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