Sonoma Wine Tours – Private Tours vs. a Bus or Limo

Sonoma Wine ToursWine aficionados from all over the world visit well known regions, such as Sonoma wine country in California, to tour wineries and taste some of the best wines in the world. There are so many Sonoma wine tours available; the most popular way to visit wineries being through group tours that drive you around, typically on shuttle buses or limos, to a predetermined list of wineries.

But there are many alternatives to group bus tours. For those looking to experience a personal, unique, and cultural wine tour and tasting experience, you should consider a private tour. These types of tours will send a private car, complete with a tour guide/chauffeur, to ensure a highly customized experience based on what you want to see, taste, and experience- rather than what will be most satisfactory to a large group of varied individuals.

Private Sonoma wine tours will usually run at a higher price than typical bus tours. But the benefits of these tours are extremely desirable for anyone looking to have an amazing experience.

Customized locations– Wine is an incredibly varied thing- from the type of grapes to the wine making process to the vintage years. Most people have specific interest in types of wine and vineyards they would like to see- so being able to compile a tour that hits on the wineries specific to your tastes will make for an interesting and unforgettable day. It also lets you choose wineries you want to visit based on what they offer and what you want to experience. Do you want to be able to meet the winemaker? Do you want wineries with on site restaurants? With cave tastings? Figure out not only the types of wine you want to taste, but also the things you want to do at the wineries, and your personalized guide will make your dreams a reality.

Scheduling Flexibility- Taking customized, private Sonoma wine tours will not only ensure you see the places you want, but will allow you the flexibility to stay as long, or short, as you like. In public tours, each stop is pre-scheduled with an allotted amount of time. With many private tours, you can choose how long you’d like to remain at each stop within your overall tour length and move on only when you are ready.

Highly educated guides- Your personalized driver will also be your guide, and they are not your average tour guides. These guides have intimate knowledge of the area and the wines offered. They also have established relationships with the vintners and winemakers in the region, oftentimes giving you exclusive access to things not offered to the public. They will not only be able to bring you to places perfectly suited to your needs, but will be well versed in the history of the area, the stories behind the wineries, and things to do and see such as notable restaurants.

As with all tours, your private driver will not be drinking, ensuring a safe time for everyone. Most private tours offer full day or half day options, with pricing based on the number of people attending the tour. Private Sonoma wine tours will provide top-of-the-line luxury and an unforgettable experience- above and beyond those typical public tours. So the next time you head to one of the greatest wine regions in the world, skip the limo or bus and book yourself a private tour in your very own luxury vehicle.

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