Intimate Wine Tours

Intimate Wine Tour Sonoma County CAWine tours are an opportunity to connect deeply with the world of winemaking. Wine lovers don’t just learn about winemaking on a good wine tour: they experience the complete story of a glass of wine, from beginning to end.

That’s why we offer tours that are as individualized as you are. Our intimate wine tours are private, allowing you the chance to commune deeply with the land, the vine, and the winemakers. On our intimate wine tours, you don’t need to worry about being hurried along by a bustling crowd of your fellow tourists. Stay as long as you need, asking questions or simply drinking in the lush sensory experience of the tour.

A glass of wine’s journey begins at the vineyard. On one of our intimate wine tours, you’ll have the time to really experience the rich smell of earth, the soft flutter of the birds’ wings overhead, the curling tendrils of grape vines, and the rich blue of an open sky above you. Free of an ordinary tour’s chatter, you’ll experience the meditative silence of nature.

From there, the grapes are harvested and crushed, and the resultant juice is placed in barrels where the wine ferments and ages to perfection. Intimate wine tours give you the chance to stand in the cool cellar and breathe in the scent of the oak barrels, while asking any questions you have about nature’s process.

Maybe the most valuable aspect of our intimate wine tours is your ability to interact with the winemakers themselves.

On an ordinary wine tour, the people who work making wine are nameless, faceless people, who are simply bustling around you with their everyday activities. But on intimate wine tours, you have the time and the space to interact with them, and ask questions about the wines they’ve dedicated their lives to.

Finally, the time comes to sample the wines. On our intimate wine tours, we couple the wine tasting with yoga. Yoga is a traditional Indian practice that stretches the muscles, slows and deepens the breathing, calms the mind, and heightens the senses. After a yoga session with one of our teachers, you’ll feel relaxed, calm, attentive and ready to fully and deeply experience the wines you sample. Scents and flavors will seem to appear in the glass, where they didn’t exist before. But in actuality, they were always there — only your perceptions shifted, allowing you to experience the nuanced beauty of the glass of wine.

So don’t settle for an ordinary wine tour, with its bustle and chatter. Experience one of our intimate wine tours, and fully realize the unique beauty of wine and where it’s made.

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