How Yoga Helped Me With My Expectations

Yoga and Deep BreathI have experienced, through friends and organizations, that we often build up unrealistic expectations and create our own illusions about future moments. I have done this myself most of my life and in my relationships. We immediately build up a fantasy around the person we are with or around future events to come. We have expectations, needs and other trivial blockages that separate us from being in the flow of “now.” It’s as though we put up mirrors so the other person’s true essence bounces away from us without truly touching our inner, core self.

The Mindful Yoga Breath

If we would honor every relationship like a mindful yoga breath, we would be able to touch parts of ourselves in a deeper way which will lead to a more profound connection with other souls. When we breathe deeply, we re-center and can appreciate the present moment better. Our stress level lowers and our immune system gets a boost, making us happier. Expectations live in the future which none of us can access. Therefore, you might as well be grateful for this very moment and all that it entails. By breathing deeply, we stay in the present moment instead of drifting away to a space and time that does not serve us.

By letting yourself take deep heart -felt yoga inhales and exhales, you are setting yourself up for new, brighter connections with nature and future friends. Since everyone is a reflection of you, you will only attract what is inside of you. By working on yourself and slowly filling up your heart with divine love, you set yourself up for more intimate and beautiful relationships.

Whatever love you have attracted, know that it is there to crack you open so a little bit more light can shine in. So be humble in the process of filling up your heart. Sometimes we need to open many windows and cross many roads to experience the blinding light. I guess that’s why they say “love is blind” because when you see your own light in someone else, it can truly be blinding and almost hard to believe and to let in. So make it a practice to blind yourself with your own inner light through deep yogic breathing. Know that this is the unconditional love we all seek, it has been inside of you since the beginning and will always be there. . . in all our ups and downs and in all our million moments with different souls in this and many lifetimes to come.

Let’s raise our wine glasses and drop our expectations, one yogic breath at a time.

With an open yoga heart, Hermine

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