Its a good day for Kokomo Wines

Last week I visited Kokomo Wines out in Dry Creek Valley.

When you enter the drive way, you realize thisKokomo is a cluster of tasting rooms in a modern warehouse setting. There are small wineries, under one roof, helping each other to promote wines and the region. There are also well established wineries that want a “funky” and modern tasting room with easy access off busy Dry Creek Road.

I walked into Kokomo Wines and it almost felt like walking into a cave since their tasting room is pretty dark. You can smell the fermenting wines since they have an open winery style of operation. I really like this concept because wine lovers can see the process and get a tour during a live harvest. Everything happens behind the counter here.

I was greeted by Ross James, their Hospitality Director, who told me about the history of Kokomo Wines.

Erik Miller, the owner, originally from Kokomo, Indiana. He had always dreamed of moving west. As Eric says,

“I traded in the soybeans and cornfields for the brighter skies, rolling hills and vineyards.”

Eric started at ground level as a cellar worker at Belvedere Winery in the Russian River Valley, where he felt an immediate connection to the industry. From there his wine journey took off, enrolling at UC Davis to study Oenology and networking within the industry. Eric began Kokomo Winery with a 2004 single vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon from Dry Creek Valley. In 2008. He brought in his partner, Randy Peters, who is a fourth generation farmer in Dry Creek Valley. “Having a partner who grows in three appellations in Sonoma County really completed the loop for us and ensures consistency in quality and terrior.”

After I tasted their wines, I could only think of one thing. He certainly created his liquid gold here out west. Their wines are very well balanced and have a long smooth finish. I’m not the only one falling in love with their wines if you look at all their rewards and medals their wines have been winning in competitions and blind tastings.

You can notice a deep respect for the wine making in the energy of their wines and it shines through their overall business.

As Eric says, “With my Midwestern values, I approach the new territory with promise to always treat the farmer and business the same- with respect.”

Make sure to stop by Kokomo Wines next time you are out and about in Dry Creek Valley, a perfect spot to get a break from hot or rainy weather and cool off while sipping world class wines in paradise.



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