Five Million Moments of Open Eyes – Esalen Institute

Eselan InstituteThe equinox yoga retreat I’m sharing with another 50 people here at Esalen Institute is, instead of five days together, it is five million moments shared. That’s how Shiva Rea started our Sunday evening welcome ceremony.  It’s something so magical in her wording that makes you realize that all we have are precious moments, and that it’s so important to connect with those moments and honor each of them as their own gifts to your life experience and soul growth.

This is my first time at the Esalen Institute and I can highly recommend it to anyone ready to connect with nature and your inner-self or if you just want to stay at the most gorgeous place on earth where you can soak in the stunning Pacific Ocean view for breakfast, lunch, dinner or in the mineral baths.

This is the first place I have been where I am having a difficult time closing my eyes and going within during meditation. This is not in a negative way at all but rather the opposite. It feels like it’s the first time in my life I can truly see the magnificence around me. The colors seams more vivid here and the light more penetrating. Like my soul can finally see and feel this magical thing called life. When I mean see and feel, I mean see the world’s beauty from the heart with a new depth, and to feel its radiation in the form of a new bright spring light that touches your pale winter skin.

It’s the first time I can relate this beauty around me to the beauty within me and to fully soak in the reflection that this place radiates to every cell in my body and soul. The job is for each and everyone of us to see it and to connect with it on our own personal level. I realized that before in meditation I was always looking for this light or not even sure what I was looking for. Now I know that this light is all around me and that we are all part of it.

It’s a true manifestation of honoring the naked soul within and without, to be a complete being and proud of it. We are all beaming light which should be celebrated every day.

We celebrate the renewed life and light at equinox. It’s a wonderful time for “planting your soul seeds” for the new year. It’s a great time to make your yearly intentions and to create your own ritual to fully appreciate this powerful spring time.

Shine from your heart and know you will touch others within, it’s time to awake again and to see and feel this beauty around us.

Happy Spring Moments,



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