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BreathSome days I feel a strong longing for my family back home in Sweden, but I also know that I came to the US to create my dream life and to make a change in other people’s lives.  I have been so fortunate to start Atmani Tours, bridging the two worlds of yoga and wine— my two major passions in life. When I first came to Sonoma County, I just felt home.  It  really felt like my soul had landed here.

Sweden is a beautiful country but much too dark and cold for me. And conducting wine tours is not on the near horizon in that northern hemisphere. Not even with the impact from climate change!

I often miss my family and old friends, especially since I just became an aunt to our first new generation baby Ellen. When I was out in the neighborhood park the other morning, breathing in the crisp fresh morning air and watching my dog play, in the open field, it hit me. That is, the air that I breathe is the same air that my family in Sweden breathes.  We are always united through the Ether and Air element. My love for them and their love for me is always shared and connected. The thought filled my heart with love and gratitude to be alive and to experience life. This train of thought also made my yoga breath go to a level deeper where I visualized that every inhale breath was their love to me and every exhale breath was my love to them. It’s a love circle that I would like to share with you if you have loved ones far away.- just visualize this breath work and let your heart fill up.

It’s funny how I have always been so connected to the air element. My passion for skydiving started with a strong longing for the beautiful sky and the endless possibilities.

My ayurvedic dosh is Pitta sharp and Vata cold where Vata represents the air and eather. This makes sense, since I have always been connected to the air element. But after moving from Sweden and coming to sunny California I see my vata dosha as a warm loving light to be shared with my loved ones and with my Atmani Tour travelers.

My Sonoma County favorites

One place where I love to take deep breaths is by the ocean. Nothing  clears your mind like the ocean. What could be better than joining the Fisherman’s Festival April 11th. This festival is packed with events for people of all ages – craft booths, live music, good food, special entertainment, and more. A favorite attraction is the wine tasting booth featuring more than 25 Sonoma County wines.


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