Boutique Wine Tours Sonoma County

Boutique Wine Tours Sonoma CAWhile pairing wine with other fabulous delights often brings out the best in the event, combining the art and science of a cultural wine tasting experience with the Zen of a yoga activity creates a heightened awareness that is both sense-stirring and soul-stirring.  Embracing one of these boutique wine tours for the first time (or once again), can’t help but inspire you to behold the beauty of Sonoma County’s wineries in a new light and empower you to be mindful in every moment of your life.

With boutique wine tours, individuals who would never consider spending a day on a packed bus of tourists to visit wineries but who still want to explore the elite wineries of Sonoma and Napa Valley, you have the opportunity to be a part of a wondrous day-long experience with just you and/or your invited guests and Hermine Baker, your tour guide (and the owner of Atmani Wine Country Tours!) Here’s why boutique wine tours are a fabulous way to enjoy a day in Sonoma County:

Transportation Provided

No need to hail an Uber or rent a car, Atmani Wine Country Tours will pick you up at the Kenwood Inn & Spa, the Hyatt Vineyard Creek Hotel & Spa, (or whatever other hotel you’ve chosen for your stay in Sonoma County) around 9 in the morning and bring you safely back around 4 in the afternoon.

The Yoga Component

In order to be truly present throughout the moments that make up your days, it helps to be balanced ~ emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. Yoga helps you achieve that. What better way to commence a wine tour than with morning yoga at the first winery? Whether you practice yoga on a regular basis or think “downward facing dog” is a way to describe your beloved 4-legged pet who has his nose to the ground digging for his bone, the yoga positions practiced at the onset of the wine tour are not designed to make you feel uncomfortable or awkward. Quite the opposite. You’ll be gently guided through the steps to help you achieve your best on that particular morning.

Engaging Tasting Tours on Breathtaking Estates

You’ll visit private and biodynamic wineries where many of the estate owners embrace the grape-growing process as a sustainable, ecological whole ~ where they acknowledge, appreciate, and see the entire picture of winemaking. From the organisms in the rich soil beneath their rows of grapevines and all the other flora and fauna throughout their estate, to the energy of the sun and light of the moon, owners of biodynamic wineries understand the profound significance of everything interdependently growing in communion with each other to create a delectable sip of wine each time you raise the glass to your lips.  Boutique wine tours also encompass barrel tasting, champagne tasting, and a cool cave tour at a historical winery.

A Gourmet Picnic Lunch

Since you won’t be brought back to your hotel until the middle of the afternoon during one of your boutique wine tours, you’ll be served a fabulous gourmet lunch paired with some great wine from the tour.

Whether you’re visiting Sonoma County for a personal or business trip, or call Napa Valley “home”, boutique wine tours are purposefully designed for the individual, couples, or a group of family or friends who seek a truly exclusive venture into the countryside where mind and body can connect to enhance creativity, calmness, joy, and serenity in the gift of being alive. Once you’ve experienced Atmani boutique wine tours, you’ll never look at grapes, your glass of wine, or the Sonoma countryside in the same way again.

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