Beginners Yoga Retreat? Maybe Try a Wine & Yoga Tour First

If you’re just getting into a yoga practice, you may be thinking about attending a beginners yoga retreat. A beginners yoga retreat isn’t a bad place to go, but particularly if you’re a wine lover, you may want to consider a wine and yoga tour, instead.

A wine and yoga tour has many of the same benefits as a beginners yoga retreat. While you’re with us, you’ll receive yoga instruction from a certified teacher. Our yoga classes are open to people of all ages, sizes and ability levels, and our teachers help you modify poses to match your strength and flexibility.

Through the consciousness-raising techniques of yoga, you become more aware of your body and your sensory experiences. Over the course of a session, your mind becomes fully aware of the present moment. The final exercise of your yoga session, a pose called Shavasana, helps you to transition from your yoga session back into ordinary consciousness, so you can carry this transformative state with you throughout your day.

With a beginners yoga retreat, that’s the end of it. You go through several yoga classes, and perhaps meditate and socialize with your classmates.

A wine and yoga tour offers you everything a beginners yoga retreat does, with the addition of vibrant sensory experiences to explore after your class. Unlike a beginners yoga retreat, our wine and yoga tours bring you through the winemaking regions of California, where you explore the full story behind a glass of wine.

You start in a vineyard, where you can explore the feelings and smells of the rich loam, and see the delicate grapevine tendrils curling around their trellises. You’ll move on to the wine cellars, where you’ll smell the heady oaken casks that the wine is aged in. You’ll sample different vintages, savoring their feel and the full bouquet of smells and tastes each one brings. And all of your sensory experiences will be augmented by the full awareness, and the steady sense of calm, that your yoga practice has brought you.

Just as an ordinary wine tour doesn’t give you the tools you need to experience the winemaking regions in a fully embodied way, a beginners yoga retreat doesn’t give you a full-body sensory experience to explore with the serenity it’s given you.

So rather than a beginners yoga retreat, think about signing up for one of our wine and yoga tours. You’ll experience the same sorts of yoga classes, carefully adjusted to your skill level, but you’ll also explore a truly unique, refined sensory experience.

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