Why Atmani Yoga and Wine are so deeply connected

Atmani YogaWhen I describe Atmani yoga, I like to see it as a dance between the elements to reawakening your senses. The connection between the elements and the senses are very profound and has been studied for thousands of years.

From an Ayurvedic stand point, we all have more or less of the elements in us. Everyone has a unique composition of Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. These elements are related to hearing, touch, vision, taste and smell.

The element of Ether (space) is the medium for sound. This element is related to hearing. The ear is the organ of hearing which activates the organ of speech to create sound.

Yoga activates your inner ear to listen deeply within for your heart’s desire.

The next element is Air which is related to touch. The sensory organ of touch is our skin and  the organ of action is the hand. When doing yoga we actively remind our soul to be in a state of constant giving and receiving. Yoga holds space for deep healing and we have a choice with every inhale and exhale to receive and give compassionate love to ourselves.

Fire is related to vision which is directly linked for me to wine tasting. The first thing we do when tasting wine is to observe the light and color. We are also honoring the “fire spirit” aka alcohol in the wine. The eye is the organ of sight. When doing Atmani yoga, we get new perspectives of our lives and which direction we want to go with our health and well being. We gently observe our bodies and minds in each posture to get a better, compassionate picture of ourselves.

Taste is related to the element water. This is a big one as our tongues cannot taste without water. The tongue is a very sensual organ and when we drink wine we awake the passion within. Yoga helps us balance ourselves so we don’t get too caught up in other people’s drama.

Last but certainly not least is the element of the earth that is linked with the sense of smell. The “nose” of the wine has to do with with the aromas and the bouquet of the wine. How you experience a wine is highly linked to your sense of smell and it is very subjective, trust your nose and let it guide you to your favorite wine.

The ancient rishis thought that these elements came from pure cosmic consciousness. Atmani Yoga is one of many great ways for you to bring your body into a perfect harmonious relationship to the higher consciousness. The link between the elements and the senses is why yoga and wine are such a perfect combination. When we awaken our senses by doing yoga we also help our system to taste the consciousness in the wine.



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