7 Reasons to Plan a Yoga Vacation

Yoga VacationWhen you’re looking for the perfect excuse to get away from the regular hustle and bustle of every day life, nothing will work better than a yoga vacation.  While an Atmani Tour is not technically a ‘yoga vacation,’ it’s more of a ‘wine tasting and yoga vacation,’ our list below will hopefully give you enough reasons to seek out a place to relax, regroup and de-stress all while giving your health a boost.

Because of their popularity, yoga retreats are now being offered all around the world in a number of exotic locations. Luckily for California residents, you don’t have to travel too far to get the world class treatment on a yoga vacation.

Digitally Detox

Take the time during your yoga retreat to unplug and shut down your dependency on technology. No more tireless hours of email notifications and Facebook friend requests. While you may still be able to connect to WiFi or 4G data, take this opportunity to leave your phone behind and open your eyes to the world around you.

Enjoy “You” Time

Take a break from your busy work schedule and social life to focus on a bit of self-care and your health in general. Leave your every day cares like school, work, kids and your to-do list behind and dedicate 24 hours a day to what your body and mind need. You’ll be surprised at how good it feels to focus all of your energy on yourself for a change!

Gain Perspective

Whenever you travel to a new place you get an opportunity to see the world around you, the people you interact with and yourself in a whole new light. Your yoga vacation is a great way to explore the unknown and offers an accelerated way to learn and grow.


For some people, the only way to really relax and de-stress is to travel away from home and your comfort zone. A yoga vacation will give you a great opportunity to take the time needed to really listen to your body and be free from the stress of regular life.

A Sense of Community

Take this time to meet like-minded people and build everlasting relationships. Generally, everyone on a yoga vacation is looking for the same thing. People who choose this type of vacation are looking for a way to better themselves and become a healthier, more well-rounded person.

Even if you go on your yoga vacation alone, you’ll have an excellent chance of making friends with wonderful people from all over the globe.

Increase Your Skill Level

When you venture out on a yoga vacation there is no doubt that you will be stepping up your yoga game. Back home it can be hard to fit yoga into your busy schedule but on most retreats you’ll have the chance to take at least 2 classes each day.

You can quickly see your skills progress and have the opportunity to work much more closely with your instructors.

You Deserve It

Honestly, we all deserve to treat ourselves to a little bit of rest and relaxation from time to time. You work hard in order to enjoy the better things in life and investing a little bit of time for yourself is something you should do regularly.

It is easy to find reasons to put off something as simple as a vacation but it’s time to give the excuses a break. Plan your yoga vacation today and give yourself the gift of peace of mind and a healthier you!


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